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Parliament boss blasts Bobi Wine lawyer Robert Amsterdam

by James Ateenyi

The parliament Director of Communications Chris Obore has blasted Kyadondo East member of parliament Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssemtamu foreign lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

The former journalist said Mr Amsterdam behaves as if he knows everything about Uganda yet he has never set foot in Uganda wondering how he claims to more about the country he has never visited.

“At least this Armsterdam lawyer is silent a bit. I was actually irritated by the way he talked about Uganda. Like he knows Bukedea, Rwampara, Alero, Lumino etc and has the answer to everything.” Obore said.

He called on Bobi Wine not take Uganda as commodity for sale stating that Uganda is sovereign state with functional government and state institutions.

“It’s like our country is some commodity for sale and he is the Commission agent who sets the terms for sale. I love being Ugandan by the way. No apologies for that,” Obore added.

During his recent visit to United States of America for medical check up, Bobi Wine addressed press conference along side Robert Amsterdam in Washington DC.

In the press conference, Mr Amsterdam said he would investigate the crimes committed by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and called on international communities to impose sanctions on Uganda for harassing members of opposition and shuffling democracy in the country.

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