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Panics as new rebel group is formed in Western Uganda

by Odongo Christopher

UPDF during previous operation

Security forces comprising of Uganda People’s Defense Forces and counter terrorism police on Friday last week raided and dismantled rebel training base in Hoima district arresting 11 suspected rebels in the process.

Police has confirmed the raid explaining that the suspects were found equipping the rebel recruits with knowledge and skills in military techniques with sole target of attacking and overthrowing the government of Uganda.

The suspects were found hiding in bush near Lake Albert a few kilometers from Kaiso landing site in Buseruka sub county Hoima district.

Police further added that the some of the suspects had been brought in the country from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and had undergone 3 months of intensive training in military tactics.

Police has also noted that, no military equipment were found with the suspects.

Buseruka sub county district councilor Anthony Kumakech said the army and police could have acted on wrong intelligence denying the capacity and capabilities of the arrested suspects to stage a rebellion.

He asked police and army to carryout proper and thorough investigations to ensure the suspects gets justice as soon as possible.

Residents from Kaiso landing site who spoke to us said that the arrested suspects came to Uganda few months ago and had been equipping youths in Karate skills for purpose of defence but not with aims of carrying out subversive activities.
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The residents further asked the police to involve the locals in the areas who can provide them with substantial informations regarding the activities of the suspects.

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