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Panic as mafia’s plots to to leak Anite’s confidential pictures

by Odongo Christopher

State minister of Finance in charge of privatization Evelyn Anite has said she now fears that her private bedroom pictures could soon be released to public after the mafias have have regrouped to fight her.

Anite made the remarks after opening up on alleged plot to end her life by group she termed as ‘mafias’ for opposing the revival of Uganda Telecom.

The Koboko municipality who became famous for her role in 2014 NRM sole candidate motion did not hesitate to crack some jokes about her leisure life.

Not minding about how the Pornographic Control Committee would perceive her message, Anite revealed how it’s ‘okay’ for her to have nude pictures.

“It’s okay for anyone to have those pictures if you know how to keep them,” Minister Anite said.

She added, “I am entitled to have those pictures and my husband has them.”

Anite ended the presser with another joke as she claimed, “I don’t speak Luganda, I only know one word, we have the ‘majje’.

We do not want to imagine how Anite’s confidential photos look like; we are only imagining how people would react to them if they ever get released to the internet by the said mafias.

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