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Panic as Bobi Wine is set to lose people power pressure group to mafias

For sometimes now, there was silent war between Democratic Party bloc and Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine over ownership of People Power Movement.

While DP bloc claims Bobi Wine has hijacked their ideas and forcefully took over People Power, Bobi Wine on his part maintained that the pressure group that has attracted several people is his own artwork.

Supporters of the vocal legislator claims the fight is a mafia plot to frustrate Bobi Wine who declared his 2021 presidential bid.

On Thursday, the leadership of both sides appeared on the popular weekly TV political talk show, the frontline and here is how it went;

Charles Odongtho: What is People Power and who owns it?

Andrew Mwenda: People Power is a cult!

Joel Ssenyonyi: You’re clueless, those who understand this should reply. People Power is a movement, not yet a political party. It’s a movement that brings together people who want a peaceful transition of power. We’ve not had a peaceful handover of power, everyone sheds blood to get power.

Norbert Mao: People Power has to define itself or risk being defined by others or misdefined. The People Power phenomena aren’t unique to Uganda. People Power is an experiment and the lab in Uganda. It has formalised, now it has to organise. The pillar of People Power is one person: Hon. Kyagulanyi. On account of his celebrity and star power, he has proclaimed the People Power as a movement and the aims will continue to unfold.

Salaam Musumba: People Power is an emotion, a slogan, a political psychic in a wave. When I see and hear the things that are happening, I can safely say it looks like a political amoeba. Listening to Joel Ssenyonyi, I say this sounds like FDC because that’s what we are. This is copy and paste. I see this as defiance against the established norm. You can also define it as a person; without him, it’s nothing. I see it as a political space with misfits. When I look at the dress code which is red, it’s a colour of martyrdom. I know that this is a non-structured response to our failure.

Andrew Mwenda: I don’t think People Power can end corruption because they’re a deeply corrupted movement. We need to understand how they conceptualise power. You either agree with them or with Museveni. You only support Museveni because he has paid you. They as a party will reproduce Museveni’s patronage. People Power is supported by barely unemployed lumpens, hooligans.
Ssenyonyi: These are Ugandans who have been locked out of power.

Andrew Mwenda: People Power is a cult of extremely delusional people, one of the most intolerant movements in our country. They believe they’re so cool they’re the only ones who love Uganda and believe that whoever doesn’t think like them should be attacked. Today, they attacked an NRM person and almost lynched him. It has no interest in policy but grabbing power. They think that emotions are sufficient to reform the country. They must distinguish themselves by their values but they have nothing to write about.

Andrew Mwenda: People Power is addicted to abuse, intolerance and false accusations. It’s a bastard child of defiance. People Power can never accept a united opposition front; they feel they’re cool angels standing in front of everyone.

Joel Ssenyonyi: We’ve been to some of the deepest places in Uganda and we’ve found support for People Power. There are many Ugandans who have been disenfranchised and locked out of the system. We all must wear the crown. People Power wants to create a country that works for everyone.

Mwenda: The issue with us is that we expect perfection. Nothing is perfect, not even in heaven. If God is perfect, who created the devil? This means God’s creations aren’t perfect.

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