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Over 4 millions fake condoms hit Uganda market causing fear

by Odongo Christopher

Following Customers’ Complaints, Marie Stopes Uganda, a non-government organization that offers reproductive health services, has been directed to recall two batches of Life Guard brand condoms from the Ugandan market.

Marie Stopes are the sole distributors of the condoms in Uganda and According to a letter issued by the National Drug Authority (NDA), the condoms from batches- 19040205 and 19050105 manufactured in April and May 2019 with expiry dates for March and April 2024 do not meet market standards.

The Product Safety Officer, Ms. Victoria Nambasa noted that the Condoms were not free from “holes and burst properties”.

There is an estimation that over 4 million condoms produced in the batches will be affected. On the open market, a packet of Life Guard condoms costs between Shs1,500 and Shs2,000.

Marie Stopes has been given two weeks to submit a recall status report indicating the details of distribution and the clients that have been notified of the recall.

The NDA Public Relations Officer also noted that they had already sent out field teams to ensure that the directive is enforced adding that the process is on and they are working with the distributors of the condoms to make sure that the affected batches are off the market.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, an estimated 800 million condoms are needed to protect Ugandans from unplanned pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The recalled batch of Condoms was declared not free from holes and burst properties.

The notice has caused panics among members of public leaving many customers worried about their health status.

“I have been using life guards condoms for sometimes and am not sure if I used some of these fake ones,” said a customer who preferred not to be named.

His sentiment was shared by several people we spoke to with others calling for prosecution of those responsible for the mess.

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