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Over 300 to lose jobs over Kenzo cancellation of Uganda shows

by Odongo Christopher

Big talent music Management says the condition Eddy Kenzo is going through isn’t good and it’s sad that at the moment he isnt listening to anyone. He isnt picking any calls ,he isnt allowing anyone to talk to him.

He came out and said he won’t be performing again in Uganda.
That’s something dangerous, to other people out there it may look OK because there is a number of other artists in Uganda but to the families that depend on Eddy Kenzo it’s only tears .

Eddy Kenzo is a source of income to over 300 people ( Ugandans) with 180 being real employees under Big talent and other departments and the only source of salary is the Ugandan shows. From him they pay rent,they eat, they educate their and all their needs.

We have over 400 students going to school ( in all levels Primary, secondary, university) under Eddy Kenzo foundation which is funded by money got from those Ugandan shows.

Actually it’s like Eddy Kenzo gave in all his Ugandan income to pay his workers and his charity foundations.
Eddy Kenzo is not just Eddy Kenzo the person, Eddy Kenzo is a big business and plate of food a big number of people.

Hundreds depend on him for survival,without him it’s hell on earth.
Meaning all this has to stop .

Where will these people feed?
Should this mean these little kids in his foundation will have to go back to streets where he got them from.
Pray for all for us.
Pray for Eddy Kenzo.

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