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Opposition In Zimbabwe terms election results Fake

by James Ateenyi
zimbabwe elections aspirants

zimbabwe elections aspirants

The Zimbabwe opposition leaders have regarded the previous elections conducted in the country as fake and charm demanding for fresh election to be conducted. This came after the Zimbabwe election body announced the July 30 election results which declared Mnanangwa as the winner of the elections after garnering 50.8% of the votes cast. The win prevented him from having a run off with his closest opponent Nelson Chamisa.

This Friday morning Mnanangwa wrote on his twitwer handle expressing his gratitude for the victory.

It should be noted that the opposition had already declared themselves as the sole and legitimate winners of the elections. The elections were the first to be held since Robert Mugabe was Ousted in the coup and replaced by his vice president whom he regarded as crocodile.
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Riots erupted out in the capital city Harare by the youth in favour of Chamisa which led to destruction of Multiple properties worthy Millions of dollar.

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