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Opposition FDC reacts to president Museveni statements on ill fated L Victoria boat

by James Ateenyi

Forum for Democratic Change has blasted president Museveni for his statement regarding the accident that claims several people on Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Ronald Muhinda, an aide to former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has said Museveni himself once used the boat without safety equipments.

Below is Muhinda statement regarding Museveni statement.

First and foremost, as a bonafide Ugandan, Mr. Museveni should not claim to talk on my behalf. By claiming “On behalf of all Ugandans” he is including me and yet I know one of us may not be a Ugandan.

But secondly, it is foolhardy to threaten to arrest and charge the operators of the boat with criminal negligence (in case operator was not punished by death on Nalubaale) and yet you have been on a boat before without a life jacket. Museveni has set a bad example for Ugandans on almost everything.

Whom did he arrest for criminal negligence for putting him and his wife on the boat without life jackets? He was not there alone.

Thirdly, Mr. Museveni is not President of Uganda. A president cares for people, promotes growth of state institutions and serves the people. Mr. Museveni has destroyed institutions, impoverished people, undermined critical thinking and stated that he is not a servant of anyone.

I think Museveni should be decent enough and surrender Uganda to its owners or be compassionate (if he ever will be), sell his cows and compensate the deceased.

Uganda has failed because of Museveni. Who licensed the boat?

Eitherway, my condolences and sympathies to the bereaved families. For the deceased, may God forgive them for their sins and accept them into His Glory.

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