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Opinion poll cast doubt on Winnie Byanyima over UN appointment

by Odongo Christopher

Wife of opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye Engineer Winnie Byanyima has come under public scrutiny over her appointment as UNAIDS Executive Director.

After her appointment, Winnie Byanyima acknowledged the position and was quoted saying she is “honoured to be asked to lead the UN and global HIV response”. She is to serve as the new executive director of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS).

The agency in reaction also “warmly” welcomed her appointment.

Her appointment drew a span of questions and debates by the public as people questioned her acknowledgement and approval of a recommendation from a government that has for the last two decades tormented her husband, Besigye to the point of almost death.

An online local media cast an online poll in which our esteemed followers voted against a question posed, “Should Winnie Byanyima have accepted an endorsement from the NRM government for the top job at UNAIDS?”.

Thousands of people engaged in the polls and statistically, 51% voted against her acceptance of the endorsement while 49% approved her step she took. By the polls, it is obvious that the public least expected her to approve the endorsement on political grounds that this (endorsement) stemmed from a regime that has been torturing her family for several years.

In the new UNAID role, the 60-year-old will lead a large team in an expanded response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic around the world. She wields a wealth of experience – spanning 30 years – in political leadership, diplomacy and humanitarian engagement.

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