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Odonga Otto blasts FDC for appointing Munyagwa in opposition cabinet

by Odongo Christopher

Aruu county MP Odonga Otto

Aru county member of parliament Odonga Otto has condemned the recent appointments of opposition cabinets. He blasted the leadership of opposition of being incompetent and are failing to run the party.

He also said the appointment is full of tribal imbalance hence does not cater for regional balance. He predicted doom for the FDC saying come 2021, opposition is headed for the biggest lose in history.

Below is Otto full statement

FDC cabinet a total waste and blunder tby FDC party president of typical of bugiri bi-elections

Needles to say the incoming leader of opposition is incompetent and will be by any one standards just give it days.
The appointments by FDC party President has seen more of a reward system of cronies based on the Muntu Vs Amuriat Past elections,at the expense of competence.

Those of us who refused to take sides are being paid in our own currency.

Those who supported Gen.muntu have all been thrown in political Nile rivers.

Amuriat as FDC president what rather consolidate his grip than tolerate those who supported muntu. He cant make the party grow.

The appointment further witnessed same tribe chairing and deputising committees of COSASE and Local government accounts committee.
Most of those appointed save for MP semmuju are those that fled the house during the Parliament “Tojikwatako” scuffle.

The FDC party President is totally lost in the woods and doesn’t not seem to appreciate the direction Uganda is taking from his Najera home.
The team assembled from Acholi to forsake Odonga Otto ,Prof
Latigo and okumu Reagan is enough for FDC party to loose in the region come
The decision to ignore the likes of Okupa Elijah and Katuntu is enough to tell what will happen in the east.
We Will sample in Arua come 15th August to show the party President is reading the wrong book at the wrong time in the wrong place and to the wrong audience
Fare thee well FDC
From this trends some of us are clearly in the parties departure lounge come 2021.

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