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Anger in NRM as NRM woman MP aspirant defect to Bobi Wine People Power Movement

by James Ateenyi

National Resistance Movement candidate for woman member of parliament in newly created district of Bugweri has switched the alliance to People Power Movement headed by Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine.

Mercy Walukamba is one of the five women who were struggling for party ticket in newly created Bugweri district.

She was one of the front runner in the party primaries who was expected to compete for the slot with Racheal Magoola.

“People Power is everyone. It’s you and me. It’s all the people who are dissatisfied with what is happening in Uganda and are determined to work towards a fairer society that works for everyone and not for a few people,” she stated on her decision to switch the side.

She said her decision to quit the ruling party was as a result of continued infighting within the party which the ruling party leaders have to solve.

“I don’t perceive myself as someone who has joined any party because People Power isn’t a party but a platform of change-seeking people who are unhappy with the way NRM has messed up our country.” Walukamba added.

She said that the majority of people in her constituency are now tired with the ruling party stating that it reasons for switching side to Bobi Wine camp.

“Majority of the people including the young and old are saying enough is enough with NRM,” she continues.

She added that following the current political trends, sticking with NRM is very risky and is considered a political suicide.

“There is a clique of powerful people in Busoga who are scared of vibrant self-made leaders like myself. They are used to weaklings who go benching at their offices for assistance. It’s not the case with me. They are all panicking that if this woman ever makes it at the national scene, Museveni will notice her leadership credentials and sideline us. This is the reason they have twice rigged me out of the primaries and even in Bugweri they are planning the same thing. I reported to Dr. Tanga in writing that the NRM register is being inflated with ghost voters and the sub county party registrars are biased and have been compromised to favor one candidate. To my surprise no action has been taken to address my concerns,” she explained.

She implied that the Obangaina singer Racheal Magoola is the one favored by those organizing the NRM primaries. Renowned political analyst Semujju Nganda says the fact disgruntled NRMs can openly associate with an opposition group is indicative of how cracked up the NRM has become even in rural constituencies like Bugweri. Nganda says the fact that they now can denounce NRM openly (like the Sheema man did recently joining FDC) is evidence that it’s no longer politically risky as before to walk away from NRM.

Walukamba added that she is the best qualified candidate represent Bugweri district in parliament but added that the NRM naturally fears vibrant leaders.

“Why would you plan to rig against someone who is the most suitable to represent Bugweri if you really wish Busoga well? We have a family house there in Busembatia which is the 2 largest township after Idudi. It’s our home. It’s where we stay unlike all the other contestants who are from Iganga and everyday just drive to Bugweri to campaign and go back.”

Her defection to the People Power Movement is likely to boost morale in Bobi Wine camp who recently received hundreds of NRM supporters who defected to PPM over fulfilled presidential pledges.

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