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NRM plots to arrest Bobiwine revealed

by Odongo Christopher


Bobi Wine during Social media tax demonstration in Kampala

NRM is contemplating on arresting the Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu commonly  known by his stage name Bobi Wine according to intelligence source.

According to the source within the NRM party,  the top officials within the ruling party believes that only way to contain JEEMA flag bearer Asuman Basalirwa is by arresting the vocal musician.

They also believe that arresting the legislator is the best option to reduce violence in Bugiri municipality in the remaining period of campaign.

The plan is contained in NRM master plan on how to win Bugiri municipality election which is considered one of the constituency opposition is likely to scoop.

The plans includes increasing police patrol in the area with the aim of demoralizing the youths whom have been at forefront of drumming supports for the oppositions.

The second plan by the ruling party is to stop all vigilantes group and campaign team from Kampala from stepping foot in Bugiri again.

The main target of this Bobi Wine whom NRM party says is making its efforts in the campaign futile.

In the plot Bobi Wine is to subjected to daily police summons were he is supposed to be tossed until the time for any planned Basalirwa rally ends.

In fact this is the reason he did not set foot in Bugiri last week as he was kept at police in Kampala recording statements.

Bobi Wine has brought a lot of force here. Basalirwa is now strong and he need to be contained in the remaining days. His group of youths are hostile. They don’t want to listen to anyone else except Bobi Wine. So, If we contain Bobi Wine  in Kampala, Basalirwa will gradually reduce his influence on the young people.” a top NRM official revealed

Apart from Bobi Wine factor, youth unemployment in Busoga is also big  issues and with high poverty level. The ruling party is planning to dish out money so as to get sway people away from opposition camp which are only using mouth to sway away electorates from the ruling party.

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