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NRM MPs pleads with People Power boss over 2021 general elections

by Odongo Christopher

Members of Parliament of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Bugisu sub-region are pleading with the ‘People Power’ leadership not to front candidates against them in the 2021 general elections, according to MP John Baptist Nambeshe.

Nambeshe, an NRM legislator but one of those regarded as a ‘rebel’ in the party is the ‘People Power’ team leader of Bugisu sub-region working alongside lawyer Anthony Wameli, Wetaka Abbas, Sam Mali and Robinah Nadunga.

While speaking to SoftPower News on Thursday, Nambeshe said that he has commenced his responsibilities as directed by his ‘President’ Bobi Wine with a lot of enthusiasm and aggressiveness. He noted that there is increasing interest to identify with pressure group in the region.

“I am overwhelmed by those who are willingly out of their own conviction enrolling as People Power luminaries in the sub-region and this has caused a serious tear in the ranks and file of the sitting members of parliament in the respective constituencies,” explained Nambeshe.

“Majority of them have already approached me pleading with to slow down and not support candidates of People Power against them because of the massive support from the young people,” he added.

Bugisu sub-region comprises of five districts which include Bududa, Bulambuli, Manafwa, Sironko and Mbale districts. The region has for long been predominantly NRM with 75% of the legislators in are area subscribing to the ruling party as well as most independents being NRM leaning.

But Nambeshe says, in the coming elections, the status quo is likely to change since the young people “are completely up in arms to support their own”.

“In Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, they (young people) see their own within the generation bracket and identify with him and for this reason.

Therefore, I am now a force to reckon with, much as I am coordinating activities of People Power, MPs now have to plead with me, they have to be at my mercy in order to survive in their constituencies because of the great enthusiasm and sprit that has sprout out of the youths,” he said.

The legislator noted that the grace period for NRM leaders in the sub-region is over and “they are in serious trouble with the emergency of People Power.”

Asked whether he and “People Power” have the capacity to outshine NRM in the coming elections, Nambeshe said: “Those who have the discernment to read the signs of the times, can tell right away that from what you can see, the numbers of those who are voluntarily coming up to support us are not even asking for money as it is the case for the NRM. They know that the time for change is ripe and am telling you the status quo will not remain”.

He reiterated that NRM celebrate Nambeshe’s quiting if he chose to and the rest of the party’s ‘rebel’ MPS since their actions are contrary to will of the party.

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