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NRM boss hint on plan to kill musician Jose Chameleone

by Odongo Christopher

Former State House Spoke person and senior presidential adviser Joseph Tamale Mirundu has jokingly warned musician cum-politician Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Jose Chameleon to trade carefully when it comes to Ugandan politics.

Appearing on an interview with one of the local TV Stations, Tamale blatantly told the self proclaimed music dictor that he can’t expect to cross to the opposition and have peace after eating President Museveni’s money.

”Government is like an old woman.You can’t eat an old woman’s money and expect to make love to her at night when no one is seeing you” Tamale said before adding that ”His wife should prepare a small mattress and teach him how to eat posho” perhaps hinting on the claim that he might soon be arrested.

Chameleon who was once a staunch NRM die hard recently crossed over to the DP faction and many analysts view it as a move which might have rubbed government the wrong way.

Our efforts to get comment from Chameleone did not yield anything as our continued phone calls went unanswered.

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