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North Korea Orders USA to withdraw Sanctions

by James Ateenyi

This Morning we got reports from North Korea state media body urging the United states and its allies to withdraw all sanctions and trade embargoes imposed on them due to their ambitions to develop Nuclear weapons.

North Korea in its defense has said that it has shown a great emphasis on following the rules set by the US and NATO allies during their controversial meeting his year with US president Donald Trump.

The communist state further went ahead to label US as an Hypocrite state because they have been going against what they discussed in their meetings and agreements agreed upon.

“There have been outrageous arguments coming out of the US State Department that it won’t ease sanctions until a denuclearisation is completed, and reinforcing sanctions is a way to raise its negotiating power,” Reported the state owned Newspaper of the communist country

Other news agencies in North Korea regarded the US refusal and increased implementation of these trade embargoes as a hurdle in the peaceful negotiations and a way of undermining North Korea’s effort to adhere to the agreement.

“How could the sanctions, which were a stick the US administration had brandished as part of its hostile policy against us, promote the two countries’ amity?”

In June 2018 The Supreme leader of the DPRK  Kim Jong-un   and his US counter part Donald Trump met in Singapore and agreed to enforce a peaceful denuclearisation process .

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In its defense the US has released reports showing that the DPRK has violated the agreed upon terms by selling and distributing weapons to Syrian conflicting sides, Yemen and other restricted countries.

North  Korea has been under US sanctions and its allies for over 11 years since 2006, when the regime declared its first nuclear acquisition.

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