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Nebbi, Apac and Bugiri very volatile NRM intelligence reports indicates

by Odongo Christopher


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This week, the voters in various municipalities which were recently created are going to polls to elect their legislators. However, as this election draws nearer, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has been hit by crisis after ground reports indicated a lot needs to been done in Apac, Nebbi and Bugiri Municipalities. The intelligence reports suggest that in the three municipalities, NRM flag bearers are passive and are being affected by internal fights within the party’s secretariat.

In Apac for example, the intelligence report say NRM flag bearer Akaki Ayum who is also former minister and also former MP in the area where he served for two term before the creation of the municipality is facing stiff competition from and independent identified as Patrick Okello. Intelligence has it that NRM candidate Akaki needs verbal emancipation. Where as he is popular in the rest of municipality, he is doing badly in Araca and Atik divisions where Okello has heavy support. Rerport also state that Okello has planted his spies within NRM camp who is always leaking for him NRM plans. These spies report to him every plan by the party.

The report further added that Okello is very vocal and is more appealing to the voters as he uses sharp words compared to Akaki. The report added that opposition UPC and FDC are capitalizing on those weaknesses. Okello is NRM leaning independent and he has divided voters the report added.

On receiving the report NRM has deployed NRM deputy treasure Kenneth Omona in Apac to try and extinguish the threats by pumping words into the flag bearer.

The intelligence report further added that is need for more resources so as to boast morale among the youths who do not want Akaki due to his old age.

In Bugiri municipality the intelligence team wrote to the part head quarter that there is a lot of propaganda pinning disgruntled NRM leaning independent Hajj Siraje Lyavaala who have pulled out the race in favor of Asuman Basalirwa. Intelligence report further added that, it was better for Lyavaala to remain in the race than to join oppositions which the report claims has created more problems for the ruling NRM party.

“We are struggling to extinguish Lyavaala crisis but the propaganda is too much on ground” a source within NRM said.

NRM has decided to deploy Secretary General Justin Kasule Lumumba, NRM diaspora league chairman Abbey Walusimbi and Ex MP Milton Mivuma to try to wow the support for the NRM flag bearer Oketcho.

In Nebbi municipality NRM has deployed Deputy Secretary General Richard Todwong and according to intelligence report, NRM needs real luck to take this seat as what is on ground, FDC flag bearer Robert Onega is headed for clean victory.

According to intelligence brief, a lot of chaos and propaganda is being spread by spread against NRM flag bearer Hasim Sulaiman by Padyere county member of parliament Joshua Anywarach who is very strong and popular on ground. This according to the report has reduced all the support NRM had at first.

There is plans by NRM to try to convince Joshua to tone down political chemical against the NRM and state minister for Energy Simon D’janga has been given that assignment to try and convince Joshua who have huge following especially among the youths in Nebbi.

Todwong on the other is assign to convince the communities leaders by holding daily meeting with leaders from different cells al though according to the intelligence report no much gains have been registered in Nebbi Municipality.

The report further added that the Nebbi challenge is more of intra-party conflicts and intrigue and this is giving opposition chance to gain more supporters day by day.

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