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NBS Zahara Toto response to critics that left many suprised

by James Ateenyi

NBS Television presenter Zahara Toto has broken silence on her last Friday dressing chord and told off her supporters who attacked her for inappropriate dressing.

Ugandans has since Friday even taken on social media condemning Zahara for what they call indecent dressing while presenting Uncut kalakata celebrity show on NBS.

“You should concentrate on bettering your lives” Zahara Toto reacts to critics who criticised her over indescent dressing.

She added: “Juices are found in the pot not the curves !! Enyumba nene naye ebisenge bifunda! Enjoy the view!”

As Ugandans went on with their attack on her Zahara took on social media and here is what she posted.

To all of you here spiting on my page ! Have surprised my self and looked through all your accounts thinking you gat something special going on but wooow!

Y’all should be humble! Am not here to inspire any one am not your mothers! Mulibubi nyo! Sinze eyaleta enaku in your lives! instead of wasting your time spiting on my page concentrate on bettering your lives!

Go advice your parents who gave birth to you unwillingly! Muli bana bakibi! Y’all busy pretending to be angels in ramathan why be good for one month in a year why not every single day of your life? (Oohh she should be sacked at work , she is not the first presenter we have seen ,she will go ,blah blah bla ! ) AM STILL HERE AND AM GOING NO WHERE !! Kale muwomelwe food ordered from Jumia Food! Mweyongle nokulaba #uncut kalakata ku NBS Television and Sanyuka TV.

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