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Nambooze comes under fire over Byanyima’s UN job appointment

by Odongo Christopher

People Power supporters, DP Bloc and opposition supporters mainly from DP demand MP Nambooze’s take on Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s wife Eng. Winnie Byanyima new UNSAID job.

Byanyima was seconded by the Uganda government to become the
UNSAID Executive Director.

In her Tweet Eng. Byanyima appreciated Uganda government role to get the job.

“Thanking govt of Uganda for supporting my candidature.” Says Byanyima.

“I was encouraged and received expressions of support from many government leaders.” Byanyima revealed.
Byanyima’s reaction has caused a hit debate among opposition.

Thus many asking Mukono municipality MP who on various occasions faults opposition movements for sleeping in bed with Museveni’s government.

Praising former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president the husband to Winnie Byanyima as a genuine opposition leader.

“When hon. Mukasa Mbidde was supported by NRM MPs for the EALA seat, Hon. Nambooze puked a lot of shit against DP and it’s leadership.” Says a DP member from Musaka.

“Now Winnie Byanyima is recommended and appointed for the UN job by the same NRM government and she has activated the mute mode because Byanyima is a wife to her darling Dr. Besigye.” A DP member added.

Prince Abdallah tweeted Mao,Bwanika,Mabiike,Mbidde,z Wife,social media would be now full of comments from this propagandists, blackmailers,talking a lot & abusing,calling people moles,Blackmailers where are u?talk about Winnie’z recommendation by government u do reorganise,more so wen a wife to your president of people government.

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