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Musisi drags Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to court days after her resignation

by James Ateenyi

Dramatic scenes has continued to unfold at Kampala Capital City Authority and from the looks of things we are headed for more drama.

The showdown between Lukwago and the Executive Director Mrs. Jenifer Musisi has taken another twist with the later taking the former to court.

No sooner had the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago celebrated the anticipated departure of KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi from office than Musisi petitioned court seeking for the attachment of his salary to recover 47 million shillings as costs of a legal suit she won against him in 2012.

The explanation from the Lord Mayor is that, that petition by the KCCA ED is fraudulent and was actually made last Thursday before the information about the resignation came to light. The Lord mayor also says he has not celebrated the departure of Musisi.

The latest development is likely to escalate the tension within the city hall for the remaining two months which Musisi will serve in the office.
Lukwago had in 2011 dragged Musisi to the Court seeking several orders, including prohibiting and restraining Musisi from portraying herself as the head of KCCA and portraying the Lord Mayor as being ceremonial.

High Court Judge Eldad Mwangusya castigated Lukwago for engaging court wrongly by filing a notice for review seeking several orders instead of using other available ways of resolving the issues in question.

He dismissed the case and ordered Lukwago to pay costs to Musisi.

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