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Museveni wins as people power presidential hopeful is blocked

by James Ateenyi

People Power presidential candidate in the forthcoming Ugandans in North America Associate (UNAA) elections in August 2019 Dr. Daniel Kawuma has been deleted from the ballot by UNAA Electoral Commission on orders of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reports suggest. Dr. Kawuma who launched his campaign to revamp the Association by contesting on the top office, his dreams have been suspended for now.

UNAA community was blessed by the acceptance of Dr. Kawuma to contest for the post, as was persuaded by many due to his busy schedule in USA. Many have not yet received the information about his UNAA candidature, but according to reliable sources president Museveni elements ordered UNAA Electoral Commission to remove the committed People Power candidate from the ballot.

“I received a communication from the UNAA Electoral Commission today stating that I have been excluded from the ballot as Candidate for UNAA President. No explanation has been offered other than a vague statement that my name wasn’t on the UNAA membership list. Having paid my membership dues for 10 years straight since joining UNAA in 2009, this was a puzzling development but as of now the UNAA E.C leadership hasn’t responded to any of my inquiries or provided clarity on this matter. If any details emerge, I will make those available.” Dr. Kawuma said.

Dr. Kawuma has told this website that he is keeping his faith to see what he can make to save his candidature. However he said he is praying for other candidates on the ballot to have a good race as he pursue justices.

“I would like to extend my best wishes to all the candidates from all teams that are contesting. Special thanks to the individuals I spent countless hours convincing to step up and serve the community. As someone who strongly believes in community service, your dedication and commitment to improve the lives of our community members should be your driving force. Keep moving forward because each act of service and kindness makes our community better and stronger.” Dr. Kawuma remarked.

Dr. Kawuma has promised to move a head with his manifesto programs to improve the Community as he has been preaching during his campaign.
“I would also like to reaffirm my commitment towards changing the mission of our community towards investment, entrepreneurship and financial security. There is massive potential in the Ugandan North American community and the initiatives we have in place to build the Diaspora Investment Company and Health Network will continue.” He said.

The courageous doctor promised to lead his team to Chicago on the polling day as he continues to call for unity and justice as they all work together to promote UNAA community.

“I’m confident with the skills, professionalism and qualities of all the candidates on TeamKawuma to deliver on the mission of re-branding our organization UNAA into a service based entity. I will continue in spite of the hurdles to lead my team all the way to Chicago and I encourage our supporters and those who desire a new UNAA that reflects our Diaspora values to show up in large numbers and bring about the needed change.” Dr. Kawuma explained.

“I will convene a meeting with my team in the next few days to provide a detailed road-map on how we shall move forward. My goal is to always choose a path which is in the best interest of our community and organization UNAA. We have a lot in common and our founders brought us together to celebrate our shared values and heritage.” He added.

UNAA elections are expected in August 2019 in Chicago, however the EC has kept silent about the number of candidates in the race, and they haven’t come publicly with the final list.

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