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President Museveni vows to liberate Uganda for the second time

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said NRM government is going to liberate Uganda from unemployment and poverty during his current term in office.

While Commissioning six factories in Namanve industrial park, the president said industrialization will lead Uganda to development.

“Industry is one of the sectors that will spur the development of Uganda and economically liberate our people,” the president said.

The Namanve industrial park currently offers direct employment to 3000 people, with 17,000 others employed by 197 projects under construction. With the completion of more manufacturing concerns, more jobs are set to be created.

The six newly built manufacturing factories include Orion Transformers and Electrics Limited, Toyota Uganda Limited, Alfasana Uganda Limited, Interior Technologies Limited, Steel and Tube Industries and Luuka Plastics and Packaging Limited all locatedNat the Namanve Industrial Park, Wakiso district.

Museveni noted that from the beginning, the National Resistance Movement has been telling Ugandans especially youth that they need to get themselves out of poverty adding that the NRM government has always come up with policies that show people how to get out of poverty.

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