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Museveni told to be on watchout following Bashir downfall

by James Ateenyi

Several Ugandans took to Social media to celebrate the downfall of Sudanese strong man Omar Bashir who stepped down on Thursday after months of protests.

Netizens took the opportunity to warn president Museveni who has been in power since 1986 urging that his days are numbered.

“It is resilience. It is relentless determination. It is the will of the people. It doesn’t matter whether and how you won your recent election. The rhetoric you splitter when you are on televisions and radios. The propaganda you perfect, or the coercive means you use. The people shall decide. Always. Congratulations to The Sudan,” Eastern youth MP Anna Adeke Ebaju posted.

“It worked in Algeria, it has worked in Sudan and people are still talking about 2021 and National IDs. We know what are we doing, I want our brothers to respect us,” Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa dares ‘People Power’ on 2021 strategy.

“I didn’t imagine even a full general with all those beautiful peeps on his uniform (as in the pic) today we have watched a mere mob become more powerful than the “emperor” of Sudan,…someone is coming up next,” another social media user stated.

“People power at work. He was wise enough not to go the Gaddafi way. Bouteflika in Algeria gone, Omar el Bashir gone, next please! The old guard is leaving the new generation is taking over. Soon and very soon. ……,” another post on Facebook reads.

“Bashir is also gone!
He won the last presidential election with a staggering 94.05%, just like I did!
He was recently declared a sole candidate for the ruling National Congress party just like I was!” Frank Gashumba, a motivational speaker said.

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