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Museveni urges investigators to balance the boat

by Odongo Christopher


Following the recent slang that has hit Kampala following the Lake Victoria boat tragedy, after the boat coxswain (captain) urged the crew to balance the boat, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni borrowed the same word and urged small-scale entrepreneurs in the country to balance working in textile and shoe making industries advising that those products have market locally, regionally and internationally.

The President was on Friday speaking from Kololo during celebrations marking milestones and achievements of the Touching Lives Initiative (TLI) group to mark the organization’s launching of its operations.

“Some of the things that I have seen in the exhibition stalls fall under industrialization. When you consider doing something, you have to see if it has ready market here in Uganda, in East Africa and the whole world. If you make products that have ready market, your business will not fail. You hear that I am a cattle keeper and I will remain so because there is always ready market for my cattle. I would like you to also learn textiles because everybody wears clothes,” he said.

Touching Lives Initiative is a foundation that was founded by Ms. Fiona Barungi with a vision of empowering  vulnerable women and youth in the slums of the City of Kampala socially and economically so that they are enabled to become role models and agents of change for their families and local communities.

Museveni, urged the small-scale entrepreneurs to help grow the economy of the country by adding value to their products.

He further urged the members to improves on the export and reduce the import in the the country.

“I would also like you to start tanning the hides from Uganda as opposed to buying expensive leather from other countries. If you reach a level of export promotion where you export quality products, you will have gone far,” he emphasized.

The president contributed Shs.500 million to the foundation and thanked its Executive Director, Ms. Fiona Barungi, for taking the initiative to uplift  the standard of living and help Ugandans get out of the poverty cycle.

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