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Museveni threatens to sack all permanent secretaries and town clerks

President Museveni 

President Yoweri  Kaguta Museveni on Monday launched the State House anti-corruption unit at Kololo independence grounds while commemorating the Anti-Corruption Week.

Speaking at the function, the president urged principal accounting officers (permanent secretaries, Chief Administrative Officers, Town Clerks and Sub-county Chiefs) to be held responsible for the misuse of public funds and stop making excuses for corruption.

He warned that civil servants who are corrupt will be dismissed if they do not change adding that his government can no longer be blackmailed by dishonest public servants.

“We will dismiss those implicated in corruption. We are going to bring a law that any civil servant involved in corruption will have his property confiscated,” Museveni said.

He added: “In the war against corruption, if I get news that government money has been stolen, I will go straight to these four people.”

He  concurred with anti corruption activists that corruption in the country is too much.

“This theft hinders government work, work can’t be done because people divert the money for personal use,” he stressed.

The president however, noted that corruption in the country started long before his government came to power.

“When we left the bush, we thought Public Officials were corrupt because Iddi Amin had appointed illiterate people. But even now, they are educated but lack integrity, something not followed by their supervisors.” He said before warning that those corrupt officials will be sacked.

“The departments responsible for fighting corruption are infected with weevils (kawukuumi). What I was expecting here was to see how we can quickly and effectively assess the public servants responsible for those mistakes, get rid of them and get new people or they reform. We can no longer be blackmailed. We have enough manpower,” the president explained.

Museveni added that the new law would allow government to confiscate properties of corrupt people.

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