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Museveni threatens tick, warned to deal with them sternly

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Museveni has said the tick has all the reasons to get scared since he is starting a strong fight against them.

The president made the remarks during the State of Nation Address on Thursday at Serena conference hall in Kampala were the parliament was sitting.

“Our scientists are developing a vaccine that will enable the cow to kill the tick. The tick has killed our cows for a very long time,” President Museveni said.

He also urged the country to avoid land fragmentation and promote modernization of agriculture to reduced poverty.

“The big problem with our people is tradition. We have traditional people living in modern times. If you come to Kiruhura today, the land is not fragmented because I campaigned against it.”

“In the UK, only the senior boy inherits land. Same thing in Germany and some of the US states. How can we allow our people to commit suicide by destroying their land through fragmentation?”

“To save people from the cumbersome and time wasting process of travelling to Kampala for land transactions, government has decentralized the lands ministry services. There are 21 Ministry Zonal Offices in different Districts within the country.”

“With the computerization of land records, forgeries and graft in the land registration system will be reduced and eliminated; problems of missing land records have been eliminated and land transactions are more efficient.”

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