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Museveni moves with corruption in his fingers – Norbert Mao

by James Ateenyi

Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has said the corruption level in the country is worrying stating that the people in state house is leading the corruption promotion.

“People in State House are so corrupt to the extent that when you shake hands with them you have to immediately count your fingers, they might make off with one of your fingers,” stated Mao while appearing on the NBS frontline

Appearing on the same programme Kampala lord mayor Erias Lukwago said that the main challenge Uganda has faced since independence is leadership challenge.

“Since independence, the biggest challenge we’ve had is leadership. Actually, we’ve not yet gotten independence, the same powers that the colonists enjoyed are the same these people are enjoying, I see no difference. I’d prefer the colonists to this current government because they were always clear, there was no pretense. Ever since I was born, I’ve never seen a leader had over power peacefully,” Lukwago stated.

Former Kamuli LC five Proscovia Salaamu Musumba said the citizens are to blame for the current mess in the country because they have failed liberate the country.

“I consider Uganda to be my elder sister because I’m one year younger than her, but the character of politics is what worries me since independence. The fact that we’ve failed to galvanize ourselves into citizens is the biggest failure I see in a country that has made 56 years. This country is so restless, and so you wonder who is at peace with themselves. This is a country where we have first generation leaders who are gambling our future. The failed leadership is largely because people are selfish, mean and better than nothing,” Musumba said.

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