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Museveni heckled at scene of crime, his visits to Kirumira shooting scene cut short

by James Ateenyi

People and well whishers who had camped at the scene where former Old Kampala and Buyende District police commander (DPC), Muhammad Kirumira was assassinated, yesterday evening heckled President Yowri Kaguta Museveni who had visited the crime scene telling him that they were fed up of the manner in which people are being killed.

President Museveni who arrived at the scene few minutes to midnight, inspected the crimes of scene amid heavy deployment of the Special Forces Command soldiers.

The crowds that had gathered at the scene told the president that they are fed up and tired at the way people are being shot every time and again.

“Mzee, see this? We are tired of it. We are tired of you and your men in uniform. We want you to take action. People are getting finished, what will you rule, an empty country?” one person in the crowd shouted.

As the heckling continues the Special Force Commander soldiers who were guarding the president ordered everyone to leave. They also forced journalists at the scene to switch off their cameras and recording devices.

Before leaving the scene, Museveni waved at crowds and told them, “mwebale nyo” (a Luganda word loosely translated as thank you so much). The angry crowds did not answer the president as he moved away.

Prior to his killing, Kirumira and his father Mr Abubaker Kawooya, had asked the president for security protection telling him that he would be killed but the president turned a deaf ear to their plea.

“Mzee, Kirumira told you that they wanted to kill him, but you didn’t listen to him. His father also approached you about the same but you chose to go quiet on it. Can you tell us who our president is, if you can’t settle all these killings in a country you are leading?” another person told the president.

Afande Kirumira was shot dead by unknown assailants on Saturday night together with woman commonly known as Mukyala Ali who operated a Mobile Money kiosk at Bulenga trading center.

Eye witness said the incident took place few minutes past 7:00 PM but it took a while before people gathered to start circulating the news on social media.

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