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Museveni grandchildren miss key event over Kagame pressure

by James Ateenyi

The five day FIBA Africa U16 Nations qualifier tournament officially kicks off on Monday, June 10 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Teams expected to participate include Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia.

However three Junior Silverbacks and Gazelle players from the First Family have been withdrawn from Uganda’s squad heading to Rwanda for the FIBA Africa U16 Nations Championships Qualifiers.

The three first family grandsons include Karugire Mugina, Rwabogo Mumutiine Rubanza and Rwabogo Kendagano who were on the original team that was in camp but were later withdrawn from the final list due unknown reasons.

Nevertheless, it is largely believed that the move to withdraw Museveni’s grandsons was triggered by the current political situation between Uganda and Rwanda.

Relations between the two countries have worsened in recent months due to espionage and counter accusations of supporting rival armed rebel movements in the region.

Observers have expressed concern about the prospect of an armed confrontation in the not too distant future because Uganda continues to train its Special Forces and regular troops to boost their ability to counter any external threats and Rwanda has since deployed elite military units and heavy artillery along its border and intensified patrols amid the souring relations.

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