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Museveni given 45 days ultimatum to leave power

by James Ateenyi

Former Presidential candidate in the 2016 Uganda Presidential race Elton Joseph Mabirizi has given president Museveni 45 days ultimatum to prepare his safe exit from Uganda’s president seat after three decades since 1986 after the successful bush war. Mabirizi in his letter he wrote to Mr. Museveni outlined reasons basing on the current political turmoil in Uganda asking president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to step down as Ugandans get ready to reclaim their power.

According to Mabirizi if Mr. Museveni fails to peacefully step down Uganda is faced with a tough time and he (Mr. Museveni) is to face what his close friend former Sudan’s president Omar El Bashir faced last month.

Mabirizi’s letter to President Museveni;

Email: peoplessuppor@gmail.com

1st May 2019



The above matter refers;

I have written to you to with concern on my behalf and the rest of the citizens of Uganda, desirous to bring to your attention, matters prevalent in the country, which are your core mandate pursuant to Article 99 of the constitution, including but not limited to;

Corruption and Embezzlement

For the last 33years of your presidency, especially beginning in the mid-nineties, there has been a growing trend of institutionalized corruption in Uganda and you Mr. president has not been able to fix them at any one time to stop, prevent or restrain officials of your government and different members of the ruling party from transferring tax payers’ money and other natural resources from the national coffers to personal ownership. In all these years, you are yet to be seen acting affirmatively enough against the corrupt but have rather either made promise to act or given excuses and explanations for your inaction.

Consequently, the forces of corruption have now effectively seized every detail of government and society in our country, and you as president of Uganda are obviously unable to prevent them.

Reference can be made to the reports of corruption available in;

I. Parliament of Uganda where over the decades, different politicians from the ruling party, and your government officials who were investigated and proved guilty of corruption, embezzlement, conspiracy to defraud, acting in conflict of interest, and which causes the country loose huge sums of money, and the subsequent response from the president of Uganda does not sound to offer solutions.
II. The office of the IGG, and
III. Other relevant government and non government organizations within and without the country, including the international court of justice which beyond reasonable doubt found Uganda guilty of plundering the Congo thus imposing such a huge financial penalty that will burden several generations Ugandans yet to be born.


The personal security of the citizens of Uganda, which at one time was rightfully the pride of the NRM regime, is another issue of very serious concern. The rampant armed criminal gangs, some of which boast of their affiliation to the NRM party, and others with connections to national security agencies, over which you are party chairman and party presidential candidate, and commander in chief, respectively are actively conducting operations, robbing, kidnapping, torturing and killing citizens across the country. The crimes can no longer be described as isolated incidents.

These atrocities by criminal gangs and security forces against an armed citizens, from opposition politicians, religious leaders, to the general public, including the elderly, women and children are your duty to prevent which now seem not be happening. Instead, different members of the armed forces are daily agencies intensifying their anti-people activities against our people to the extent of public executions, torture, kidnap, and several other acts of cruelty and dehumanization such as this country have never know before. Also as never been seen before, the UPDF has on several instances deployed weaponry only usable in war against unarmed innocent citizens lawfully exercising constitutional rights enshrined in chapter four of constitution of Uganda which you undertook to uphold and defend your signature as president of Uganda.

Personally, some of those dehumanizing anti-people schemes of Ugandan security apparatus am still struggling to erase from my memory is the incident that took place in Mbarara town during the our previous presidential campaigns. Men and women properly dressed in Uganda Police rounded a woman of the opposition FDC and violently subdued her this time not arrest but to, in broad day light, in front of nation and international cameras, stripped her naked. Although she fought her soul out to at least retain her black knickers on the group proved too strong for her and did not let go until they had pulled it to her knees as they paraded her on a police pick-up displaying her nudity!

In my basic understanding, such crimes tantamount to crimes against humanity, and your neglect or reluctance to avert the aforementioned vicariously make you culpable for the same (Permission equals participation). Take judicial notice that such crimes are espoused in the Rome Statute to which Uganda ratified as an international instrument.

It is also by reason of these acts of violation and abuse by the police and other security agencies which continue to happen in our country with impunity that ‘an officially’ message is communicated by impression, by example to our youths that violence is the official way to go. Your security forces are teaching the public, the youths that as long as one can be sufficiently violent, they can have their way, solve disagreements, acquire properties, goods, and services. Force and violence has thus become across the country, the law, the court, and the currency.

Land Grabbing

It is in the spirit above, and nothing else, that the poor and vulnerable citizens – the elderly, widows and orphans, to whom by reason of institutionalized corruption and compromise of personal security, all doors of justice have been effectively closed, is another area of serious concern. This country is experiencing an ever growing momentum and terror of the land grabbing movement.

The trend is now very predictable by the victims but more so the perpetrators, that you Mr. president will make speech about the plight of the victims and make promises to deal with the injustice but will actually not do much more than that.

Moreover, these human rights violations of land grabbing and subsequent abuses inflicted on the poor and vulnerable are always also perpetrated by a combined force of criminal gangs commonly referred to as ‘Bakanyama’, the Uganda Police and the UPDF, further increasing human suffering in this country, compromise of security and loss of property.

Therefore, now that the President of the Republic of Uganda has either failed or has become unwilling to guarantee the protection of the citizens of Uganda, their lives and property we strongly urge that;

The President of Uganda make a public announcement of substantial measures to prevent further embezzlement and mismanagement of public funds and other national resources and assets by officials of his government, his party members or any other person(s)

The President of Uganda, with immediate effect, cause the arrest and prosecution of all persons who have been involved in corruption, mismanagement, and embezzlement of public funds or caused public financial loss through corruption, intentional negligence, or conflict of interest in the last 33 years of his presidency, in order to cause;

I) Recover all public funds from these persons

II) Punishment to all these persons for their crimes of corruption, embezzlement, mismanagement, conflict of interest, intentional negligence, abuse of office and power they have committed against the constitution and the citizens of Uganda.

The President of Uganda with immediate effect cause;

The arrest, prosecution, sentencing and expulsion from Ugandan security services of all members of criminal gangs, the Police, the UDPF and other security agencies that there may be who have involved themselves in abuses, kidnap, torture and murder of innocent citizens in the last 33 years of his presidency including among others,

I) Those who murdered the late Dr. Andrew Kayiira.

II) Those who plundered the Congo and caused a huge financial penalty by the International Court of Justice that will burdens generations of born and unborn citizens of Uganda to be imposed.

III) Those who attacked High Court of Uganda during opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye bail application hearing.

Notice: The brutal attack on the High Court in 2005 where armed people dressed in black T. Shirts which came to be referred to as “blackmamba” raided court to re-arrest treason suspects that court had granted bail.

This battered in wide spread condemnation locally and internationally.

Read, Uganda Law Society Vs Attorney General where justices of the constitutional court condemned that attack on the temple of Justice. Hence, erosion of the independence of the judiciary.

IV) Those who attacked MPs in parliament during the ‘Tokigwatako debate’

V) Those attacked, arrested and tortured MPs Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, Zaake Butebi and others

VI) Those who operated torture chambers in the country such as Nalufeenya

VII) Those who stripped an opposition woman in Mbarara during the 2016 campaigns.

Your Excellency, your firm action along this line as urged herein will be very helpful step to our country which I am sure will open a new page of confidence in the institutions of government, a new page of hope, prosperity, peace and tranquility in our country. And of course, will substantiate your continued stay in power after 33years of presidency.

However, your refusal, inaction, overlook or any form of hesitating or demonstration of inconsideration of these grave concerns raised herein and the subsequent recommendations herein shall be considered to either mean failure to perform duty, or incompetence, or being an accomplice of the negative forces that have acted against the constitution and the aspirations of the citizens of Uganda.

Therefore, we are giving an ultimatum of 45 calendar days for the President of Uganda to firmly act as requested above adopting the constitutional recommendations advised above well knowing that failure to do so will invite us to call upon all the citizens of Uganda within and without our boarders to immediately recover the presidency from you, Gen. Y. K. Museveni, using all internationally and constitutionally acceptable means of recovering power from a leader, ruler, or strongman who abrogates his duty and oath to the constitution and his people, and hand it over to another citizen of Uganda who will be willing to administer justice and equity to the citizens of Uganda.

God Bless you, and God Bless Uganda.

Yours Faithfully,

Elton Mabirizi Joseph.

For God and My country

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