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Museveni conned billions of shillings for polishing his image as Bobi Wine pile more pressure

by James Ateenyi

Senior presidential advisor on media Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said some members of parliament belongingto the ruling National Resistance Movement has solisted money worth 20bn from president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Speaking during his NBS program this week, Tamale says the money was meant to canvas the country with aim of neutralizing Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssemtamu aka Bobi Wine who is gaining popularity day by day.

Tamale revealed that the the legislators dubbed Museveni that Bobi Wine pressure group the people power has built a strong networks of grassroot supporters which needs to be neutralized, and for that reason 20bn Uganda shillings is necessary.

He termed the MPs behaviour as an open day robbery of the tax payers money adding that Bobi Wine doesn’t have any of such structures and neither has he attempted to create any.

He says Bobi’s support is instead spontaneous because there is wide spread desire for change from Ugandans. across the whole country.

“What will your 20bn do for a man who goes to Mulago cancer institute and can’t get treatment? What can it do for someone who can’t feed his family, a family head who can’t pay school fees? What will it do for a jobless young man who has become homeless for failing to pay rent? What will it do for someone whose daughter was kidnapped or killed during the Wakiso women murders? What about people who have lost their children in Kayunga riots, Sebaggala riots or even Besigye’s walk to work? This is the anger that has been accumulating and its understandable after 32 years. This is the secret behind Bobi Wine crowds. There is no other magic and the money won’t have any effect. How much did you give people who rallied behind NRA against Obote? Just know using money when Mbabazi & now Bobi comes isn’t sustainable because you are a poor country,” the former presidential spokesperson said.

He added that if money could polish people image Museveni wouldn’t have been in power because Obote had more more than him when he guerrilla war in 1980.

“If indeed its about spending Shs20bn to polish Museveni’s image, how much did his NRA spend for all the good publicity it used to get globally as it exposed the excesses of the Obote II regime? This is the favor Bobi Wine is now enjoying. If you are Museveni, just ask yourself how much was I spending to get all that good publicity against Obote? Its very simple you back then had a good message which you don’t have anymore because it becomes stale after 32 years. How much are people paid to show all that love to the Kabaka? They walk for many kilometers just to attend his functions. Does Mengo ever hire buses to bring them like NRM ferries people to attend Museveni’s rallies?” Mirundi wondered.

He did not spare electoral commission too for banning procession during campaign saying that even the ruling party ferry people in buses .

“How can you ban processions? Which sort of campaign is that going to be? You want people to behave like they are going for a funeral? No fanfare. The problem is this business of ferrying people in buses. Why & how can you say Museveni had 80,000 people at his rally in Bugiri which has less than 20,000 voters? This business of ferrying people should be looked into and the EC should not allow different candidates to have their final rally on the same day because these are small towns,” Mirundi said.

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