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Museveni confirms Bebe Cool concert attandance

by Odongo Christopher

Bebe cool handing concert poster to Museveni

Uganda musician who has been in the news for wrong reason as many of Ugandans were cursing for his statement he made on mobile money and social media taxes is finally having something to smile about during his upcoming concert.

Bebe Cool who will become the first Ugandan artist in recent years to hold music concert at Kololo has had his upcoming concert boosted by a number of wealthy millionaires in Kampala who have confirmed their attendance.

Bebe Cool give some of the proceeds from his Golden Hearts Concert to save lives of five children suffering heart complications by meeting parts of their medical bills.

His team was given a boost after president of Uganda General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has confirmed his attendance at the upcoming music concert.

Bebe Cool and Museveni has been friends for some time. After being shot in the leg in 2010 president Museveni gave Bebe Cool Ugsh: 126 millions to cater for his medical bills in the United States of America.

According to sources close organizations of the concert, several ministers and members of parliament are also expected to grace the concert.
The concert is slated for August 3, 2018 at Kolo independence grounds in a concert in which fans will be hosted in a Dome

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