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Museveni celebrates court victory says age limit was undemocratic

by Odongo Christopher

President Yoweri Museveni

The president of Uganda has released the statement on recently concluded municipal election as well as age limit ruling which quashed the seven years term for members of parliament.

Museveni said he does not agree with ruling because the judges relied more than on processes which led to enactment of law rather than focusing on the substance and the merit of the law.

Museveni defended 7 years extensions urging that five years is not enough for provide good services to the people because a lot of time is lost in electioneering. He also said Judges should have considered the recent LC 1 election results in their ruling which he claims showed that NRM is still needed by the masses and hence no need for frequent election.

He asked MPs to join him and follow his guidelines so as to make necessary constitutional reforms along side the people of Uganda clarifying that judges will have nothing to do about it.

Museveni added that constitution should always address substances and not just democracy which he added is important without modernization, economic and political integration.

He continued by saying that the old people should not be excluded from the politics emphasizing that age limit was undemocratic.

On municipal election he blasted JEEMA for sectarianism politics which he said led NRM to lose in Bugiri municipality. He said opposition especially Bobi Wine and his crews used religions and tribes to win the Bugiri poll.

The president added that those who use religion and tribe as basis of winning an election should be rejected because they have no ideas to present to the people adding that such elements are dangerous to Africa.

He reminded the oppositions that Sectarianism is Pseudo-ideology. He added that if enough evidence is got against the promoters of sectarianism then they punish them in accordance with the law. He also warned Bobi Wine of importing voters from his constituency and Jinja East to vote for Asuman Basalirwa.

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