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Museveni to opposition; UPDF shall punish you harshly

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has threatened those in opposition stating that they are ready to take on anyone who wants to declare war on his government.

Museveni also added that his government is ready to face the murders who wants to destabilise his government.

“If you want to start a war, you come out and openly declare just like we did as NRA,” President Museveni challenged murderers while presiding over Independence Day celebrations in Kyotera district.

He added that murderers time is up especially after launching the CCTV cameras within Kampala.

“Now they (murderers) have touched the tail of the leopard and they will see what is going to happen to them,” he joked while addressing Ugandans at Kasasa Sub-county grounds in Kyotera.

Museveni added that Uganda People Defense Forces are capable of winning any opponents who dare attack Uganda.

“We have built a strong and professional army that can defeat any unrest.” He stressed.

He said UPDF is capable of defeating both internal and external forces.

“We have strengthened the army especially in dealing with the international terrorism.” The president cautioned.

He added that the opponent who tried to fight his government now have fear because they see Uganda has power.

“What was missing has been implemented. Roads have been made. We are also going to work on the Kyotera road just like we have worked on others elsewhere,” Museveni stated.

He added “We shall defeat those who fight us just like we defeated them in the past wars.”

He told the rural people to move from subsistence farming to morden farming in order to improve on their livelihoods.

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