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Muntu’s new political party is dead on arrival , NRM

by James Ateenyi

The director of media centre and government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has advised Gen Muntu not to over rely on the 20-something MPs who claims to be with him in his new political formation.

The govt spokesman says that apart from funding a bit of his activities in their remaining months in Parliament, the members of parliament do not have that much political clout to make Muntu’s party strong any where.

Speaking on NBS TV’s Front line show Opondo said the last November defeat by Patrick Amoriat Oboi should have taught Muntu a lesson that those MPs lost their appeal long time ago and voters do not believe in them anymore.

“He had like 29 MPs and he thought they would deliver for him the FDC vote but that never happened. The delegates elected Amuriat,” Opondo said.

He dared the members of parliament to demonstrate they are principled in their resentment towards Forum for Democratic Change by quitting now and go for bye elections under new political party.

Opondo also predicted that some of the members of parliament whom he referred as opportunists will even deny Muntu the moment they see that his new party fails to pick.

He also added that as ruling National Resistance Movement party, they do not take anything for granted and they will therefore be working to infiltrate and disorganize both Muntu’s new formation and Bobi Wine’s people power so that in the end they get to face the crisis similar to what FDC is now facing.

He also gave an example of Betty Kamya Uganda Federal Alliance party which he said remains a briefcase party from its formation.

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