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Muntu reveals why the government failed to arrest the killers of high profile individuals

by James Ateenyi

Former army camamder Maj Gen Muntu has said Museveni does not the ability and capability to fight the crimes and high profile killing in the country.

Appearing before NBS television programme “the frontline” on Thursday, Muntu said the installation of CCTV cameras within the city will not fight the crimes in Uganda.

“Investing in new technologies is good but if you don’t have the best people, you don’t train them then you’re not going to be able to curb crime.” Muntu said.

Muntu also said the good and capable officers have been sidelined hence the current increase in crime and murder in the country.

“Then the issue of politicizing, there are very many good officers who would be able to reverse the situation if given a good budget and the opportunity to work.” he continued.

He added that the government only become serious on political issues and have neglected the citizens causing rise in the crimes rate.

“We only know the seriousness of the government in the way they respond to security situations through the budgets. If you don’t complete that circuit then you’re not going to cause fear in those who commit crime. They’re responding in a knee jack reaction, they always respond when a big profile person is gunned down.” The former FDC president said.

Muntu advised Museveni to learn how delegate duties than micromanaging Uganda as the country belong to him.

“Museveni is a micromanager, and that’s one of his greatest weakness, he wants to be everywhere. The tendency is that the professional officers who are already in fear would have briefed you but they also can’t because they’re in fear.” Muntu stated.

He added that the government should allow professionals to do their jobs without interference from the state.

“Whatever amount of money they pump effectively, my hope is that the cabinet realizes that the professionals can do their work if they support them.” Muntu enchoed.

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