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Mukono municipality MP Nambooze goes to court over age limit bill

by Odongo Christopher

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has dragged the Attorney General to High court seeking to be paid damages for alleged torture meted on her by police and army officers during the passing of the Age-limit bill in parliament.

Nambooze alleges that on the fateful day of 27 Sept 2017, she was manhandled, beaten and embarrassed by security personnel before she was bundled onto a police pick -up and driven into custody at SIU-Kireka.

She adds that while in custody in Kireka, her health worsened and had to be referred to India after Bugolobi medical hospital and Mulago hospital fail to manage her.

Nambooze says the spinal injuries she sustained have now caused her a permanent disability that requires her to walk with support of a stick and to periodically fly to India for review.

To file this suit, Nambooze was prompted by the advice of both the Constitutional and Supreme Court in deciding the Age-limit petition and appeal said MP with proof that they were manhandled during the age limit bill scuffle can seek redress before the High court.

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