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Mukono Municipality member of parliament blast journalist over Besigye

by Odongo Christopher

Betty Nambooze has blasted BBS TV reporter for criticizing Besigye for not involving DP president Norbert Mao and Kyadodondo East member of parliament in his newly launched people’s assembly.

“You go and ask DP President Nobert Mao, go and ask Hon. Kyagulanyi if President Kizza-Besigye didn’t consult them on what he has been doing with People’s Government. If they tell you he has never consulted them, then conclude Besigye is a very bad man.

Let whoever is undermining efforts of Kizza-Besigye tell us which other person in Uganda or political party has capacity and resources to mobilize over 500 responsible people with degrees and qualifications to be MPs from all the constituencies of Uganda.

Besigye is a very serious political actor working with serious People. You should not undermine what they are doing and yet no one else is making an effort to do 1% of what Besigye is doing.

Kizza-Besigye is a president and a leader of very many people. Let other principals also work on their profiles to reach a level of prominence where they can do almost as much as Besigye does.

But to us, all the political actors like Mugisha Muntu, Nobert Mao, Abed Bwanika, Kyagulanyi are principals. They can sit together and agree on what to do. Then afterwards separately report or inform their groups of what they agree on.

But the public should not force them to agree on single candidate because where leaders may not agree, the people will always agree on whom they want to lead them. People are not stupid. As leaders, we may fail to agree because we have failed before, but people always agree on who should lead them.

The problem is that even if you fielded one candidate, will that stop Museveni from rigging like he has been doing? In 2016, he gave himself 60%. Even if all the other Presidential candidates had supported one candidate, according to Museveni results, the candidate would be given 39%.

What I can assure, we have been doing alot of work behind the scenes. Great work. It’s not a joke to bring 500 legislators from the whole Uganda to Busabala to inaugurate the National Assembly and you journalists and security don’t know.

Btw, were you invited to Busabala as a journalist? Did you know the meeting was taking place?”

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