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Mukasa Mbidde and Sylivia Rwabogo are planning secret wedding

Kabarole woman MP Sylivia Rwabogo and East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Fred Mukasa Mbide are in final stage of legalizing their marriage. The duos have kept their planned wedding which is expected any time soon as a top secret. It said the two have been dating for some times. Mbide is said to have visited Rwabogo’s family already and has been welcomed.

According to those who close to the matter, Mbide was accompanied by fellow politician Haruna Kasolo. Other sources added that, official from Toro Kingdom are already aware that member of Buganda Kingdom has expressed interests in one of their daughter, with the Kingdom officials having approved the alliance to the extent that Mbide was invited in recent Kingdom Empango celebration. Much as their love for politics could seen as a common factor, despite the two subscribing to different political parties (Rwabogo NRM and Mbide Democratic Party), the two bonded after discovering they are both widowed.

Rwabogo who working as radio presenter before joining politic is said to have lost the father of her two children in 2012 and has been raising her daughters alone. Mbide lost his wife in 2015.  Mbidde former wife Susan Namaganda died in Nakasero hospital after being involved in motor accidents.

Rwabogo was talk of the town after jailing YMCA student Brian Isiko whom she accused of stalking her. Isiko conviction became a national debate prompting Rwabogo to issue statement that Isiko was being used to kill her. After the incident the two lovers decided to make their affairs legal.

Rwabogo recently came out to reveal that she has a boyfriend however, she could not reveal the identity of her man. This will not be the first MP to marry each other, in 2015 UPC president Jimmy Akena married fellow MP Betty Amongi. Judith Babirye is also expected to marry fellow MP late this month.

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