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Mugisha Muntu explains why ANT snub DP bloc

by James Ateenyi

During the DP bloc ceremony at hotel Africana on Thursday, several people were left wondering why the Alliance for National Transition General Mugisha Muntu did not join the opposition coalition.

Muntu who attended the event along side Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi said it is too early to join the DP coalition at the moment but will make the decision at later stage.

“We shall make analysis and design an appropriate response. If we realize that we can field many candidates and deny Mr Museveni 51%, then we can do that.” Muntu said.

He added; “If we need 1 candidate, then we should be flexible to field one candidate. That is not what I think we should focus on now because the reality now may not be the reality then. What we need to focus on is building capabilities of our organisations, and have the will and commitment to adjust according to whichever design we chose to respond.”

It however, unlikely that Muntu who parted way with FDC will agree to rally behind another person as he consider being on the ballot as one of greatest dream.

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