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Mufti speaks out on Muzaata remarks on Kenzo

by Odongo Christopher

Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate, the Deputy Supreme Mufti Kibuli Muslim faction has advised his fellow cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata to desist from using his high position in public to hurt people’s feelings.

Sheikh Kibaate’s remarks comes hot on the heels of Muzaata’s attack on singer Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo after being dumped by lover Rema Namakula.

“These love niggers can only show off but don’t marry. All they say is ‘we are still making a review’, ‘you know a woman has to be like my mother’, are you stupid? Okay go and marry your mother,” Muzaata said during his congratulatory message to Rema and her new husband Dr Hamza Sebunya at their Kukyala ceremony last Wednesday.

The head of Da’awah Kibuli Muslim faction went ahead to call Kenzo gay during an interview with nbs TV’s uncut show.

Appearing on Spark TV’s Livewire show on Monday evening, Sheikh Kibaate said it is unfair for a person to use his position to hurt other people’s feelings.

“We are all humans and we make mistakes but as leaders we should be cautious of what we say to other people,” he said.

Adding, “Instead of hurting people’s feelings we should counsel them.”

Regarding Kenzo’s move to stop performing in Uganda unless Muzaata apologises to him, Sheikh Kibaate advised the singer to rescind his decision.

“I am not a music person but what I can advise the singer is that he should not throw away his talent just because someone bad-mouthed him.”

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