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MPs descry betrayal by Museveni as judges rules against 2 years extensions

by Odongo Christopher

Parliament of Uganda

Members of the ruling NRM members of parliament who supported the lifting of term limit have expressed their disappointments with president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni after seven years term was strike out by the constitutional court seating in Mbale.

According to members of parliament whom we have spoken to, they claimed president Museveni convinced them to blindly pass the bill hoping that they would get two additional two years but they were let down.

“Some of us can no longer move freely in our constituency, people have hated us and we are not sure of retaining our seat” one of the  MP who requested not be named told us.

He added that his views are shared across most members of parliament.

“We thought that two years would work for us since after seven years people would have forgotten the issue and some of us would have be able to make it back to the parliament now he got his way out for us we have lost” the MP added.

The MP added that there is need for them to meet and negotiate with party chairman how they can also benefit stating that as it stands they have  lost out yet they sacrificed a lot to ensure the age limit is removed from the constitution.

His statement came hours after Constitutional court ruled that the extension of tenure of parliament by two years was illegal, irregular and is against the constitution.

It is likely that MPs will either table another bill before the parliament to extend their term in office or they will explore other options like carrying out referendum or appealing the judgement in supreme court so as they can also benefit by having their tenure.

Several other MPs we managed to talk to also express the same sentiment stating that some of their colleagues who are lawyers knew it earlier that, the two years extension would be removed by court if challenged in Court of law but they opted remain silence and did not give legal guidance to those who are not lawyers.

“We have been faked by these guys, they knew everything before but they never alerted us” another MP added.

Other believed Attorney General team did not do enough to argue the case in the court emphasizing that they put most of their efforts in defending the age limit than two years extension.

By the time of filing this reports, the judgement was still on going with three judges ruling against the five years extension rendering it null and voids what is left is confirmation on age limit amendment.

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