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Member of Parliament living in fear after trailed by suspected assassins

by James Ateenyi

Mbale Municipality member of parliament, Connie Nakayenze has told parliament that her life is in danger. The legislator told the house that she has been trailed by strangers in and around Kampala for the past few weeks.

She revealed that she now lives in fear and is not able to conduct her normal duties because the strangers cannot give her her time

She revealed that she that she has reported the incident and recorded a statement on the same with Police in Seeta in Mukono district.

“Hon. Speaker, of recent, I have been seeing unclear people following me wherever I go. On Thursday, I noticed it and decided to switch direction but found the same people in Mukono. Now I and my children live in abject fear,” Nakayenze told the house.

She suspected the strangers to be be assassins who might harm her anytime.

Kira Municipality member of parliament and opposition Chief Whip Hon Ibrahim Semujju Nganda MPs insecurity is not new and several members of parliament were tortured and injured in Arua by the very people who were supposed to protect them. Semujju added that the likes of Hon Nakayenze are among many members of parliament who all feel insecure.

The state minister for Internal Affairs, Mario Obiga Kania urged for calm and requested members of parliament to report any suspicious individuals to Police.

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