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MP Kakooza asks those who cant afford the mobile money and social media taxes to use western union and radios

by Odongo Christopher

MP James Kakooza 

James Kakooza the member of parliament representing Kabulo Constituency  has attacked opposition leaders and Ugandans who have been been complaining of Excise duty amendment acts 2018 which levied taxes  Money and use of Social Media urging them to use other options like western union.

He advised those who can not afford  the mobile money because of new taxes to boycott it and  choose alternatives like western union and money gram.
He stated that  he supported  the amendments imposing mobile money and social media taxes on floor of parliament  because he strongly believe it will bring development in the country.
He made the remarks while appearing a local  radio station  on Thursday evening.
He wondered how someone with mobile phones worth Ush: 300,000 can complain of just 200 Uganda shillings which is being deducted to buy him medicine in hospital.

He reminded Ugandans that every country in the world pay taxes and challenged those disputing to tell him any country where its citizens do not pay taxes.
He added that Ugandans are the very ones want better service delivery and are the very  same people who fear to pay taxes.

He told Bobiwine and his group that if they feel offended about mobile money taxes, they have the rights to use Post Office, Banks and western union emphasizing that NRM government brought alternatives for those who cannot afford the services before introducing taxes on mobile money arguing that there are plenty service providers in the market.

On Social media tax he said the radios and UBC TV are for free for any one who cannot afford Ugsh 200 daily to choose from thanking NRM government for taking FM radios to every sub-county so that  whoever want free informations can tune  in either free UBC TV or any radio station of his choice.

On WhatsApp and Facebook messenger calls, Kakooza asked Ugandans to use the money they are supposed to use for buying MBs to activate voice bundle on any local telecom company and make free calls  vowing that the taxes on social media will not go away.

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