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Mourinho : If we don’t make our team better, its going to a tough season

by James Ateenyi

The Manchester United manager has warned that the team is to face a hard time this season, unless something is done otherwise. Mourinho has identified few solutions to be implemented to avert the situations that may greatly affect the team. He further went a head saying the team has to strengthen its squad ahead of Thursday’s transfer deadline.

The team concluded their pre-season matches with awful defeat of 1:0 by German’s Bayern Munich on Sunday. Mourinho while appearing at official Man U Television is reported to have said :

“My CEO knows what I want and I still have a few days to wait and see what happens,”

He further went ahead to give comparison with other clubs who have taken  a great deal in strengthening their teams.

“The other clubs who compete with us are really strong and already have fantastic teams. Or they are investing massively like Liverpool, who are buying everything and everybody.

“If we don’t make our team better it will be a difficult season for us.”

It should be noted that The Red Devil’s have so far signed 3 players in this transfer market i.e goalkeeper Lee Grant, Brazillian midfielder Fred who was bought at a tune of £47m and the last being  defender from Portugal Diogo Dalot.

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According to analysis derived from United’s performance it has shown that the team lacks attacking intents.

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