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Tamale Mirundi spilled beans on nailed NRM supporter, revealed how it was planned

by Odongo Christopher

Former presidential spokesperson Joseph Tamale Mirundi has said the National Resistance Movement has resorted to using petty tricks in order to win the trust of people in the forthcoming general elections.

Mirundi made the remarks in regards to nailed NRM supporter by unknown people suspected to be members of the oppositions.

Appearing on Top radio, Mirundi said such maneuver will not work because people are ready alert. Here is part of what he said;

How comes that there is no any chairman who has come out to say that that boy is from his area??… Has he been an ardent NRM supporter??.

These are Mafias trying to spoil my yellow berets. Can a killer let you survive?, How comes that the nail did not pass through the borns in the pam, they targeted the flesh??.

This is a pure lie. There is a click of people within NRM is trying to make people scare not to buy these yellow berets.

Nalabye kino ekiyimbi ki Baby Cool nga kituteyo engalabi yaakyo mudwaliro nga kimuwa enkokiira…Bebe Cool is the only Minister’s son who lacks knowledge. Bidandi Ssali is very smart and intelligent, he was never used like this.

Am beginning to think that Bidandi Ssali is not the father of this boy…According to my natural intellect. Mafias are are playing this game. If at all they punished this young boy for supporting NRM, they would have left him dead. Now they want to steal money using this boy. Why did they take him away from Mulago to a secret place?, Kasule Lumumba do you think that we are fools?.”

Tamale adds that, it was drama that was planned by some mafias within the party as a way of hoodwinking president Museveni.

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