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Miria Matembe to become president after God’s revelation

by Odongo Christopher

Former Minster of Ethics and Integrity has revealed she has eyes on the top political seat in the country.

Having gone through nearly all levels of politics from the village to cabinet, Matembe announced on Tuesday she wants to take a shot at the presidency.

Matembe, who now chairs electoral democracy NGO CCEDU, made the revelation while speaking at the 2020 Women in Leadership symposium in Kampala

“I came to the political scene in 1986 in the village council, and rose up to Parliamentary level. I used to challenge fellow male Members of Parliament, who often intimidated me wherever I raised a point on the floor,” she said.

“I rose from being a secretary for women at village level to a district councillor, then to Parliament where I spent 20 years; then I became a Cabinet minister and later a Member of Parliament at Pan African level. I’m now yearning for being a president of this country and I know that one day it will happen.”

However, being a God fearing person, Matembe said she will only contest after receiving a revelation.

“When God calls me, I will stand for Presidency; I am always guided by God and he is the one who determines my direction and when he calls I will answer.”

As the election season nears, Mrs Matembe call upon women in the country to stand for all the available political posts.

This symposium was organized under a theme ‘Reimagining leadership in the 21st Century’ by Akina Mama was Africa (Amwa), UN Women Uganda, Comic Africa among others to discuss the challenges of the 21st century leadership.

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