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Ministers clash over locust meal as Sejusa wants locusts to eat ministers

by Odongo Christopher

The government has warned communities in the Karamoja region, against eating the desert locust. This comes days after Minister for Karamoja John Byabagambi advised people to unleash an “eating campaign” on Sunday.

“In Uganda, I know we eat grasshoppers but I hear we also used to eat locusts. I think we need to alert people in time when they arrive in Uganda, we catch them and eat them,” Byabagambi urged

However, Steven Twibejuka, the Commissioner in the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Animal Industry thought otherwise and has asked Ugandans to stop eating the locusts as much as they are locusts are edible. Twibejuka said that it is dangerous and harmful to eat sprayed insects.

The statements from Minister for Karamoja affairs met a lot of criticism on social media noticeable of all from the renegade Gen David sejusa who criticized the minister saying :

“I saw the Minister for Karamoja on TV telling us to eat them (Locusts), as the cost-effective way to control them. You wonder why locusts don’t eat such people instead of the useful vegetation,” Sejusa said.

A new swarm of desert locusts on weekend invaded Uganda through Turkana to Moroto and Nabilatuk districts, hours after entering Amudat district. The locusts invaded the region from Kenya on Sunday afternoon, spreading to seven districts.

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