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Minister warns Ugandans against competing for breast milks with babies

by Odongo Christopher

Sarah Opendi

Sarah Achieng Opendi, the minister of state in charge of Health (General Duties) stunned netizens when she told men to leave breasts for babies.

Opendi made the revelation during the tweeter question and answer session on Thursday yesterday. She advised men not to enter into competition with babies in fighting for breasts with toddlers.

Opendi said several researches have shown that fathers outcompete infants for breast milk the behavior she said is bad. She added that fathers have a lot of food to eat and drink and should do babies favors by leaving them their only food.

She also did not have kind words for young mothers who starve their babies by not giving them their food in the name of having firm breast. She asked them to stop such habits because breasts were not given to them for pleasing their husband but for their babies to enjoy.

Uganda has been celebrating World Breastfeeding Week from August 1 till August 7, 2018. Many tweeter users were left divided over her statement with some wondering if that if what affect Ugandans most at the moment.

“Even this breast-feeding issue is coming in late and men drinking breast Milk is something Researchers cannot come up with a good Report given the African Culture of Sexuality issues being a Taboo. Hon. Minister could be misleading the House. Just encourage Mothers to breastfeed” one tweeter user said.

Others thought the minister was speaking from personal experience

“Sarah gotta chill. This sounds like a personal issue. Somebody tell her she can talk this through with her man”. Another twitter user answered in reply.

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