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We shall deal with Bobi Wine arrogance, minister Namuganza

by James Ateenyi

The State minister for Lands Persis Namuganza has told those who wear red (People Power) to desist from provoking the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) because the ruling party also have capacity to fight back and protect their party boss, president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

She added that the ruling party is tired of continued threats being issued to party by opposition supporters warning that they would be delt with harshly.

“We are tired of the president stopping us, I can also summon my NRM youth league colleagues all over the country and we show you. You people who wear red think that you are untouchable but we also have a youth league in Kampala and the suburbs that is capable of closing this city.
Let the president just give us permission. You think that it’s only the red league (People Power) that is strong, we will one day sample you,” Namuganza charged.

She also warned people who wears red to stop abusing the president because it is against his human rights.

“Everyone is abusing the president, do human rights support only people who wear red? Why are you inciting us and pushing us to the wall, you think we cannot do anything?” Namuganza asked.

She continued that Bobi Wine deserved the treatment he got in Arua because his indiscipline had taken him too far to the extent of attacking the presidentialconvoy.

“Everyone is defending Bobi Wine, not that we are celebrating what happened to him but if he led a group that stoned the president’s convoy what did you want security to do!” The junior minister Namuganza wondered.

She wondered how religious leaders can defend the rowdy behaviour of Bobi Wine saying Bobi Wine act can not be tolerated in any part of the world.

“You hear people and religious leaders blaming Security for beating people, where would they find you to beat you if you were not involved in violent acts?
If security operatives find people in their houses and beat them, then we would condemn their acts, but you don’t expect security operatives to look on while you throw stones and arrows at them?,” she continued.

She asked musicians to focus on music and stop bringing their dust into politics because the politics is for those who have been mentored.

“Every musician now wants to contest for a political seat. I want to warn artistes, stay in your profession, If you want to join politics, let them first mentor you, if you come unmentored and unprepared you will get problems. We have been watching your fighting in the music industry with your colleagues, now you want to bring your fights into politics, just come prepared,” Namuganza who doubles as Bunono MP warned.

Namuganza further told the politicians especially oppositions to stop using youth as their political tools.

“I’m a minister and my job is to make sure that we plan for the youth so that they do constructive things, guiding them into unconstructive actions will not help. When someone misleads the youth in defiance campaigns like people power and ‘Kyalenga’ when will they work? The solution to the problems that the youth face currently cannot be solved through violence,” She noted.

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