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Minister dismantles boreholes after losing an election

by Odongo Christopher

Ex-Minister Okumu Ringa

Former minister for public service and former Padyere county member of parliament Patrick Aloysius Okumu Ringa has stunned the residents of Nebbi Municipality after he dismantled all the boreholes he had drilled in the area after losing an election in newly created Nebbi municipality.

Ringa represented Padyere county in parliament between 2001 and 2006 when he lost the seat to late Ringechan David of UPC. He later tried reclaiming the seat several times but lost in all his attempt.

After Nebbi Municipality was curved out of Padyere county, Ringa once again entered the ring with hope of representing the area where he owns a third of the town Lands but lost once again.

During his term in office, he constructed several boreholes in the areas to supply free water to the communities.

During his campaign trails many voters kept accusing him of doing nothing and failing to develop the areas except accumulating person wealth.

Three days after declaration of results, Ringa mobilize his engineers and dismantled over 10 borehole he had constructed within the municipality.

He accused the residents of insulting him and always reminding him to have done nothing during his term in parliament. He also blasted them for refusing to support his election bid during the recently concluded by-election in the municipality that was curved out of Padyere county.

Ringa also blamed the community for not being appreciative but added he will reconcile with the community at later time after making them realize his importance.

He added that he wants them to learn the hard way that he has contributed so much development in the area compared to all other people.

Ringa, a staunch NRM supporter contested in NRM primaries but lost to little known Suleiman Hashim. He rejected the outcome of the party poll and went on to run as an independent. He was however shocked to only garner 1200 votes securing a distant third position.

Several community members supported Ringa action blaming NRM of rigging the election in favor of Hashim whom they claimed lost to FDC Robert Onega.
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Joshua Anywarach, the Padyere member of parliament said though he does not support Ringa’s action, the acts of vote rigging should not be tolerated urging that the Electoral Commission subverted the wills of the people of Nebbi municipality.

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